My first book, Stamp Stencil Paint, is now available for pre-order!

My first book, Stamp Stencil Paint, is now available for pre-order!


My first book, Stamp Stencil Paint is now available for pre-order! All copies purchased through my website will be signed and begin shipping September 8th!

Textile artist Anna Joyce’s design process is intuitive, relaxed, and rooted in the belief that we should live with color and pattern every day. Inspired by vintage fabric, folk art, shapes in nature, and exciting new color combinations, Joyce’s distinctive projects showcase the beauty of the unexpected and the mark of the artist’s hand. In Stamp Stencil Paint, Joyce shares her signature hand-printing techniques and infectious enthusiasm for adding patterns to ready-made surfaces such as fabric, ceramics, paper, leather, furniture, walls, and more. Following beautiful step-by-step photography, crafters learn new, easy skills to stamp, stencil, and hand-paint wonderful projects for their homes, wardrobes, families, and friends.

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Here is what people are saying-

In Stamp Stencil Paint Anna Joyce makes the traditional  hand-printing techniques we grew up with feel fresh and modern again. Her love of color and pattern is inspiring and makes me want to stop what I'm doing and start a project!

--Grace Bonney, Founder, Design*Sponge


As someone who’s always trying new printing and painting techniques, I’m thrilled to have Stamp Stencil Paint in my hands. This book is a gold mine of totally fresh projects that appeal to my passion for pattern and color without compromising ease and budget. 

--Lisa Congdon, Artist and Author


Anna Joyce leads you through simple (yet not basic) projects so effortlessly, you'll feel like you're making something beautiful with your best friend on a sunny afternoon. 

--Rena Tom, Retail Consultant and Founder, Makeshift Society


The true beauty of this book can be found in the easy to understand instructions and incredible photography. Beginners will feel confident trying these projects and seasoned pros will find fresh new ideas. Gotta go! Need to stencil my walls now! 

--Kari Chapin, Author of The Handmade Marketplace and Grow Your Handmade Business



All images from Stamps Stencil Paint by Anna Joyce, photographed by Lisa Warninger, photo styling by Chelsea Fuss,

STC Craft, Abrams NY, 2105