WEST WIND Hand Dyed Indigo Quilt

WEST WIND Hand Dyed Indigo Quilt


Inspired by where the ocean meets the sky, this indigo dyed quilt is an heirloom for your modern home. Soft, premium cotton is hand dyed with natural indigo and pieced together in three large scale panels creating an abstract landscape of color and line. 

The quilt is made with a premium 100% wool batting. Wool is light, warm and has incredible drape. This quilt is then stitched with natural colored thread in an interlocking triangle pattern meant to evoke seaside cliffs and beach rocks.
Each quilt is made to order and one of a kind. This is truly a functional, stylish work of art that anyone will cherish forever. This quilt would make a memorable wedding gift.

*Queen Size quilt 
*92 x 96"
*100% cotton hand dyed with natural indigo
*100% wool batting
*Made to order. Please allow 4 weeks to ship

Custom quilt sizes are also available. Please inquire.

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