FEMINIST postcards, set of 10

FEMINIST postcards, set of 10


Looking for post cards to send out for the 10 Actions / 100 Days ? 

Write a postcard to your Senators about what matters most to you - and how you’re going to continue to fight for it in the days, weeks and months ahead. Consider gathering a group together to talk, unite and write your post cards.
Pour your heart out on any issue that you care about, whether it’s ending gender-based violence, reproductive rights and women’s health, LGBTQIA rights, worker’s rights, civil rights, immigrant rights, religious freedom, environmental justice or anything else.

These postcards say  "FEMINIST" on the front with this quote on the back-

 "Feminism is a movement to end sexism, sexist exploitation, and oppression. " - bell hooks.

*Set of 10 FEMINIST postcards
*4 x 6
*Gloss finish

You can find a list of your representatives here


Learn more about the project here!

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