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I am turning in the final manuscript for my book this week (!!) so I finally have some to time to share a few images from my home studio where designed and made all of the projects. My amazing husband Victor suggested that I turn our family dining room into my book studio. There is great light in the space, which I needed for mixing colors, and our table was the perfect size, so we went for it.  Is this the most glamourous way to make art? No, but it gets the job done and I love my little corner of the world.  It is a delicate balance being a working mother- and this home studio offered a solution that worked for our family.  Over the Fourth of July holiday I overheard the girls telling a friend that "Our book" would be done soon, and it just made me melt.  

Sometimes I envy the large, quiet studios that other artists have, and someday soon I want  a studio outside of the house where I can work and teach and write. But for now I am happy in my corner of the world, and my girls are growing up so fast, I don't not want to miss it.

Where do you make?  I would love to know.

Photography by Lisa Warninger, styling by Chelsea Fuss