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It is spring and I am in the final stages of finishing my book. I have been keeping a visual record of colors and shapes that inspire projects and daily life in my book studio. I find this process very inspiring and meaningful. The book studio (um, dining room? It is hard to tell anymore) is  full of completed projects- bursting at the seams. I hung a textile I made to provide some privacy  when I am working while the girls are home and running around. At night I work at my table surrounded by inks, paints, tools... I love it.

I am getting so excited to share all of the work I have been doing the last year! 

NEW Market Totes!

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beach totes.jpg

New Market Tote. Bigger, with lots of pockets! Perfect for the farmers market, beach, or any adventure that comes your way... In the shop soon! Available in Charcoal Dots, Yellow, Gray and Teal Anemone and a new spring pattern that is still top secret, but I hope you love it as much as I do.  

Spring fever

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Portland is exploding with spring right now and all of the tones and colors have me inspired.


Iris took this photo of me on a walk to the park and asked me to "Stick out your hip and look cute Mama! Come on!" 

Flowers from Alder & Co., that store does me in! I want to live in there.... Le sigh.

Flowers from Alder & Co., that store does me in! I want to live in there.... Le sigh.

a new workshop!

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WestElm Workshop.jpg

Learn to design and print full color patterns on ceramics in my new workshop! I am collaborating with West Elm here in Portland to bring you this fun new class. Here are the details-

The Workshop is March 22, 1 - 3:30pm , cost is $18 including ALL materials and refreshments will be provided. Class size is limited so call West Elm to sign up- 503- 224-4480 

I can't wait to see you there!


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This is a photograph of my father holding me January 7th 1977, minutes after I was born on his 31st birthday. Growing up sharing a birthday with my dad was special and unusual and it just felt right- like it was meant to be. When he passed away 10 years ago having a birthday to myself was lonely. I find that December 3rd, the anniversary of his death is the time that I mourn and travel inward. In a lot of ways December 3rd feels like my new birthday- a day that we still share and that changes and challenges me every year.

So on January 7th I celebrate. Celebrate for two. And I love this photograph. And I love my family and friends for knowing me so well and spoiling me so rotten.

I am also caught quite off guard by how old I have gotten. I am not complaining, it is just surprising.

Birthday Dad.jpg

My corner of the world

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About 8 weeks ago I took over the entire dining room table as a "book studio". My lovely husband and  sweet girls do not seem to mind so I have been slowly making the whole room a creative space. We eat family dinner around the coffee table each night, and it is actually really nice to be all so close together around the small table, close to the record player and usually Iris drifts off to play after she has eaten her veggies. We even had a dinner party. My table has become an amazing refuge to display my favorite things and work upstairs in the light. I think I will continue to enjoy a  smaller version of this space permanently after the book is complete.

I am 12 and a half weeks away from turning in a completed book. Deep breath, some strong coffee and off to work I go.

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This weekend I went to the Scandinavian Festival with my friend Cassie and found treasure. And I think I need to explain that the fact that all of the stars aligned for me to have a Sunday afternoon with the girls free 2 weeks before Christmas is INSANITY. It hasn't happened for over four years. 

Anyway...we went and it was adorable and crowded and the girls were a bit squirrelly, but we had some Aebleskiver with delicious jam and by some miracle I found all of these treasures plus two holiday gifts for a steal. The Dala horse was a bit of a splurge, but honestly I have been wanting one forever and will never in a million years regret buying it.

Today I begin collecting Dala horses. So there.