Day 5

Image by Victoria Breton

Image by Victoria Breton

Today is day 5 for me of my " 28 to Great" challenge".  It is also day 5 of having sick children house. Angelina has been running a high fever since Monday, and Iris (and my husband) got it yesterday. Stressful when you are running  a business from home and trying like mad to pull together your Spring Collection before it is actually spring... You bet.  Yesterday the girls were fighting, the TV had been on for 4 days, and I was ready to fall in a heap and just cry.

So I did.

Then I picked myself up, did a 40 minute workout, made some chicken noodle soup from scratch for everyone. It is amazing how much better my workouts make me feel both mentally and emotionally. I am also hoping that all of the healthy whole foods I am eating will keep me from catching this yucky virus.

Today is another day- I am going to try and make it a good one!