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Stamp Stencil Paint- upcoming events and New York City book tour!

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I am so thrilled that Stamp Stencil Paint will be in stores on September 8th, that is less than three weeks away! When I was working on the book it felt like it would never be published and now the big day is right around the corner. I have a lot of events coming up in the next few months and I hope to see at some of them. Come say hello, learn to print or paint a pattern by hand and have your book signed. See you soon!


Portland, OR. Events

September 12th, 1-4pm
West Elm, Portland
Please join me for a
book signing and trunk show.

September 13th, 2-4pm, Collage on SE Division 
This is the
official book release party for Stamp Stencil Paint, held at the new location of Portland's best arts and crafts store, Collage. There will be a book signing and also a fun, free, hand stamping DIY project. Join me for the celebration!

October 2nd, 8-5pm, WeMake PDX Maker Market at The Armory
Book signing and trunk show.

October 3rd, 4pm, Powell's Books 
I am thrilled to be doing a book signing and hand printing demonstration at Portland's most historic book store.

New York City Book Tour,  September 17th-21st

September 17th, 6-8pm, Etsy HQ, Brooklyn
Click here to reserve your spot for a free a hand painted tea towel works shop and trunk show at the Etsy headquarters in Brooklyn! Sign up today, spots are filling quickly!

September 18th, 7:30-9:30pm Textile Arts Center, Manhattan
I will be hosting a book signing and hand stenciled tea towel work shop at Manhattan's premier textile education center. Click here to reserve your spot!

September 19th, 3-5pm,  powerHouse Arena , Brooklyn
Join me for a book signing and hand stamped tote bag make and take!

September 20th, 12-2pm, Brooklyn Book Festival, 
I will be signing books and hosting a free hand stamped notebook DIY at the Abrams booth. I hope to see you a this fun, family friendly event.

September 21st, 7-9pm, Makeshift Society Brooklyn
Book signing and hand printed table linens workshop! Sign up here to learn how to hand stencil a set of beautiful table linens. All supplies, including a set of four napkins and a linen table runner are included.

Enter to get a free art supply kit when you pre-order your copy of my book!

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My first book, Stamp Stencil Paint, is coming out on September 8th and my publisher, Abrams, is hosting a giveaway! This giveaway kit was created to inspire you to dive into your first project from Stamp Stencil Paint. The amazing textile and craft pigment company, Jacquard, has donated jars of Dye-N-Flow textile paint (my favorite) in the most beautiful magenta. There is the cutest little sketch book from Portland's own Scout Books for drawing out your ideas and Spoonflower donated custom fabric (based on my book cover!) that I used to make zipper bags to hold all of your new supplies.

These special little kits are available for people who pre-order Stamp Stencil Paint (while supplies last)! All you have to do is go here purchase the book from one of the retailers listed, and fill out & submit the form. If you’ve already pre-ordered you are still eligible! This give away is available by while supplies last!

This kit filled with everything you need to get started on a project from Stamp Stencil Paint can be yours when you pre-order your copy today!

This kit filled with everything you need to get started on a project from Stamp Stencil Paint can be yours when you pre-order your copy today!

New... Ceramics for spring!

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I am so excited about the new ceramics that I am adding to my spring collection! I have been working with the amazing Alex Simon to make custom porcelain bowls.  I am going to hand paint them with China paints to add the patterns.  More coming soon!

Hand Prints Collection

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I am so excited to introduce my new collection of hand printed and painted patterns! This collection was inspired so much by the work I have been doing over the last year developing projects for my book, when I turned in the manuscript, I just did not want to stop making by hand!

These pieces are inspired by the beauty of the unexpected and the mark of the artist's hand. I am enjoyed this new way of working so much. More patterns and products to come!

Anna Joyce Hand Prints

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Since finishing my book I have not wanted to stop working in my hand printing and painting studio, so I have launched a new line called Anna Joyce Hand Prints. It is a place for me to explore new patterns, colors and products in an immediate way. Each piece will be limited edition and because of the nature of hand printing and painting, every piece is one of a kind. Stay tuned for more patterns and products! 


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I am very excited to announce that I am a finalist in the Martha Stewart American Made Awards for Textile Design! The judges are going to choose up to 1000 finalists with nine winners chosen by the Martha and her team and one audience choice award. I have my fingers crossed! The winners get $10,000 to grow their business (can you say a studio space where I could design, write and hold workshops?!) a trip for two to New York City and features galore on Martha It is a long shot, but keep your fingers crossed for me! Winners are announced in October.

A place to make

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I am turning in the final manuscript for my book this week (!!) so I finally have some to time to share a few images from my home studio where designed and made all of the projects. My amazing husband Victor suggested that I turn our family dining room into my book studio. There is great light in the space, which I needed for mixing colors, and our table was the perfect size, so we went for it.  Is this the most glamourous way to make art? No, but it gets the job done and I love my little corner of the world.  It is a delicate balance being a working mother- and this home studio offered a solution that worked for our family.  Over the Fourth of July holiday I overheard the girls telling a friend that "Our book" would be done soon, and it just made me melt.  

Sometimes I envy the large, quiet studios that other artists have, and someday soon I want  a studio outside of the house where I can work and teach and write. But for now I am happy in my corner of the world, and my girls are growing up so fast, I don't not want to miss it.

Where do you make?  I would love to know.

Photography by Lisa Warninger, styling by Chelsea Fuss